1. Processing and Analysis of data related to Ocean, Geology and Satellite image. 

  • Hydrographic surveys data processing
  • Seismic data processing, analysis
Research under the land
  • Digitization of geographic image
Research of the coast

2. Software development related to Ocean, Geology and Satellite image.

  MD_32.png MarineDiscovery Research on the sea floor
  LampyridEye_32.png LampyridEye
Seaprofile_32.png SeaProfile
Research under the sea floor
  SD_icon_32.png SoundingDiver
SDONLINE_icon_32.png SoundingDiverOnline
Research in the sea
  Visual3DX_32.png Visual3DX  
  icon_visualweb_32.png OHTI Visual Web  
  icon_soundpro_32.png OHTI SoundPro DB  
  • Satellite image analysis software

Research on the land

Research on the sea

3. Design, development, management and sale of research equipment related to Ocean, Geology and Satellite image.

  ship2-32.png Shipboard Electronic Balance 
  slick_sleuth_logo_mini.jpgOil Spill Monitor  


2014.11.28 Data acquisition software for Underwater Sound SoundingDiverONLINE has released.
2014.11.28 Our website has been renewed.
2014.07.22 The head office was relocated.
2014.04.01 Postprocessing software for Multibeam Echo Sounder MarineDiscovery4 has released.
2014.04.01 Postprocessing software for Sidescan Sonar LampyridEye4 has released.
2014.04.01 3D Geographic Visualization software Visual3DX-4 has released.
2013.04.01 An Integrated Software Package for Sound Data Processing OHTI-SoundPro has released.
2013.02.03  Image processing software for Underwater Sound SoundingDiver has released.
2012.09.13 The ISO27001 Certification has been obtained.
2012.04.01  The information security policies and quality policy have been established.
2011.01.04  Postprocessing software for Multibeam Echo Sounder Marine Discovery 3 has released.
2010.11.15 Oil spill monitor Slick Sleuth SS300ADS (InterOceanSystems) has been started selling.
2010.09.19 Bathymetric 3D Image (Width 6 m) was exhibited at GeoSpatial Expo.
2009.09.01 Postprocessing software for Sidescan Sonar LampyridEye has released. 
2009.05.01 Postprocessing software for Multibeam Echo Sounder Marine Discovery has released.
2009.04.30 Postprocessing software for Sidescan Sonar SSImage has released. 
2008.08.11 Echo sounder data acquisition software DSC1206 has released. 
2008.07.14 OHTI became sole import agent for Oil spill monitor Slick Sleuth SS200ADS (InterOceanSystems).