Sidescan Sonar Data Processing Software


 About LampyridEye

LampyridEye5 Catalog (PDF)

LampyridEye is a software to create mosaic images from acoustic information acquired by side scan sonar.

・Optimization of graphical user interface 

The optimized user interfaces such as a ribbon bar and a file view improve operational efficiency. 

  • Supports various side scan data formats
  • Visible track editor
  • Various correction functions for physical data
  • Easy tools to make mosaics
  • Displays and outputs high-resolution SSS (Side Scan Sonar) images

・Color coding of tracks


     Color coding of tracks (Ship and towfish)


・Radiometric correction
Several corrections are easily executed on the screen.



・SSS images by geometric correction


                                                                           Overlaying color contour on the SSS image


 Main Features of LampyridEye
 Import File Format
  • XTF, XSE, all, mb41, asd, acf, hsx, scan format.
  • ping file (MarineDiscovery), and other formats (If you have other formats, please contact us.)
  • It reads the position information, motion information, and sensor water depth information from an external file, and corrected.
 Support SSS Model
  • SIS1600, C3D, Seabat8160, SeaBeam series, EM series
 Information sharing
 Track Correction
  • Display of track information. (ship and towfish)
  • Manual or Auto editing of track. (linear interpolation, spline interpolation)
 Quality Control
  • Browsing of data for each ping. (e.g. date and time, location, 3-axis information, altitude, water depth, gain, pixel size, etc.)
  • Graph displays of 3-axis information.
  • Various correction for each file. (e.g. level, radiometric, magnetic deviation, bathymetric distortion, etc.)
  • Batch Calculation of under water depth for each ping from image.
 SSS Image View 
  • Geometric correction by using motion or track data.
  • Method of display image is selectable. (e.g. raw, interpolation, averaging)
  • Easy to generate mosaic images.(image display order is selectable e.g. port, starboard, and time axis respectevely.)
  • Import of contour images.(Overlapping of contour images created by MarineDiscovery on mosaic images is available.)
  • Display mosaic images with color. 
  • Distance measurement is available on the mosaic image. New!
 Export File Format
    Bitmap, GeoTiff, PostScript
 Operating environment
  OS Windows7 SP1, or Windows10 (64 bit)
  CPU Intel Core i7 2600K, or more
  Memory 8 GB, or more
  Hard Disk 50 GB, or more (500 GB, or more recommended)
  Graphics board GeForce GT610 or Radeon HD6450, or more
  Peripherals CD-ROM, keyboard, mouse
  Screen Resolution: 1280×1024 or higher
Number of colors: True Color 32 bit or more


LampyridEye5 Catalog (PDF)