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Hydrographic Survey Support Software

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OH-SDIS Catalog (PDF)

This Software provide you management, display, search, and select of multiple survey data from Multibeam Sonar, Lidar, or Drone.

You can display registered information of registered data and display multiple registered data in a superimposed manner. By clicking a certain point, you can search and compare multiple data existing at that Point Search.

YS SUPPORT is a product specialized in hydrographic surveying operations such as chart production. YS SUPPORT received the Hydrographic Technology Encouragement Award 2019 from the Japan Hydrographic Association.

Main Features of OH-SDIS
  • Register / Display Survey Data
  • Register / Display Survey Drawing (Shapefile, GeoTIFF)
  • Register / Display ENC Data (S-57)
  • Register / Display GSI Japan Data 
  • Search Registered Files
  • Select and Extract Registered Data Attribute, Rectangle, Mesh, Sounding Selection
  • Output of Registered Data (Selected, or Integrated)
  • Display Multiple Layer of Survey Data, Survey Drawing, ENC, Geographical map 
  • Display Soundings, Survey Area, Contour, Shadow of Survey Data
  • Output Map Image (GeoTIFF, KMZ)


Multiple Layers From Several Multibeam Sonars at Shallow Survey 2015 UK

 □ Input / Output Data Format and Environment
 ■ Input  Data Format
  Data  XYZ, LAS, LMD (Attribute / Unattribute), MD-Ping
  Feature  GeoTIFF, Shapefile
  ENC  S-57 ENC
  Map  GSI Tile, OpenStreetMap
 ■ Output Data Format
  Data  XYZ, LAS, LMD (Attribute / Unattribute)
  Image  GeoTIFF, KMZ
  Contour  Shapefile
■ Environment
  OS  Windows7 SP1 or Windows 10 (64 bit)
  CPU  Intel Core SkyLake, and later   
  Memory  8 GB, or more
  Storage  500 GB, or more

 1280 x 1024, or more
 True Color 32 bit, or more